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Special Education advocacy

is our passion.

We accurately identify inefficiencies 

to create enhanced educational programming for students

of all ages.


- Jessica R. Williams


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& Resources
Emotion and Behavior

Kids Health


Is it just a phase or a serious problem? Help your child cope with life's ups and downs...

From the Heart

March 2011

Dr. James Dobson extends a strong challenge for God’s people to reach out to hurting families, especially those raising disabled children.

​The Favorite Child

January 2010


The impact of children with special needs on family dynamics.

Advocacy & Consulting

We provide affordable advocacy for appropriate education and school programming.  Our ultimate goal is educational equality for students of all ages.

EDPS will review, repair and replace your existing IEP to identify and provide a plan that creates enhanced educational programming for your child.

The 3 R's of IEP's
Educational Services

We offer the services you need  including Advocacy, Consultations, Expert Witness, Tutoring, Independent Education Evaluations.

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