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Why You Should Work With EDPS


  • Is your child not performing well in school, with poor or failing grades?

  • Is there a history of discipline problems or suspensions?

  • Has your child been retained?

  • Does your child require a 504 plan?

  • Are you happy with your child's current Special Education plan?

  • Are you prepared for the IEP (Individualized Education Program) process and other areas of Special Education?

  • Are you uncomfortable with communicating with school staff about your child?


Schools have many different experts preparing information on behalf of your child.  You should as well.


Navigating your child's educational career is very difficult even for trained professionals.  With laws and regulations that change on a regular basis, it can be challenging. If you are a parent, but not a professional educator, then it becomes an even bigger challenge.  Many parents are not aware that they have an equal role, so it is crucial to have a strong understanding of how everything works.

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